Industrial, wireless lighting control.
Installation possible during operation and without downtime. Get smart lighting.
compatibility with all lighting manufacturers
up to 34%
of electricity savings
no downtime
installation overnight without any downtime
24 months
standard return of invested money
no extra cables
mounted together with existing light
Web app
available for commonly used OS (Android, PC, iOS & MacOS)
Installation into already existing cabling
We have developed a wireless retrofit solution without the need for expensive and lengthy reconstruction work.
Energy savings up to 34%
Return on investment after just 24 months
Technical diagram and summary in PDF
We in Olympia have been dealing with the energy saving issue for a long time, and of course the lighting has been addressed as the first target. Savee helps us save on power consumption and have the lights on only when it is necessary.
Ondřej Pěnička, Technical Manager of OC Olympia Brno
The safest retrofit commercial electrical upgrade solution for existing buildings with intelligent automation features and efficient management of operational savings.
Ing. Petr Jašek, CTO Compactive s.r.o.
Lighting control has clearly saved us electricity, reduced our environmental impact and removed the need to rely on manual lighting control.
Michael Valoušek, Operations Director Fabory CZ Holding s.r.o.
Savee chytré prvky
Savee is completely configurable
Savee’s solution is based on a system of wireless smart boxes that enable automated remote lighting control in response to lighting conditions and schedules. Savee can control not only lighting, but also other technologies.
Web application
A secure network
From ordinary to smart
We make already standing buildings smart and economical.
From ordinary to smart
We can transform ordinary streets into smart ones.
From ordinary to smart
You can manage small and large halls efficiently and from anywhere.
From ordinary to smart
No more unnecessarily lit sports grounds.
Do you need to controlpublic lighting?
We can take care of most objects, both indoors and in public areas, where we can control lamps and change streets to smart ones.
Villages and cities
Parking lot and sports field
  • municipalities
  • shopping centers
  • sports halls
  • schools
  • logistics parks
  • industrial halls
  • parking
  • agro enterprises
  • production halls
Prozkoumat Savee Outdoor
Time schedules
Are you determined to replace your old lights with new ones, or have you already replaced them and want to increase your savings even more?
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Technical Diagram
Solution used by small and large companies
189 retail stores, 110 117 m2
42.752 €
Galerie Vaňkovka
parking capacity 456 spaces
400 smart lamps
CTPark Ponávka
120 000m2 logistical park
managed the entire campus
V Olympii se dlouhodobě zabýváme otázkou úspory energii a světla byla logicky na prvním místě. Savee nám pomáhá snižovat spotřebu elektřiny a svítit pouze tehdy, kdy je potřeba.
Ondřej Pěnička, Technický Manažer OC Olympia Brno
Nejbezpečnější retrofit komerční řešení elektroinstalačního upgradu stávajících budov s inteligentními prvky automatizace a efektivním řízením provozních úspor.
Ing. Petr Jašek, CTO Compactive s.r.o.
Řízení osvětlení nám přineslo jednoznačně úsporu elektrické energie, snížilo dopad na životní prostředí a odstranilo nutnost spoléhat na manuální ovládání osvětlení.
Michael Valoušek, Operations Director Fabory CZ Holding s.r.o.
User-friendly application
We have developed our own web application with a clear and simple user interface – definitely not standard for industry. You can access the Savee application from any device and get the lighting easily under control, even on the go.
Integration into BMS
Simple management
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