Transformation of the shopping centre’s rooftop car park lighting system
Galerie Vaňkovka
Transformation of 10 year old car park

Basic to smart

Ten-year-old fluorescent tubes have become a nightmare for the owner of Gallery Vaňkovka. In an era of rapidly growing energy costs, most of the parking had to be lit, even though the shaded area was considerably smaller than the area where there was natural light. The constant need of replacing of broken tubes and high electricity consumption became a combination that made the center’s managers look for a smart solution.

In addition, the roof parking has a high volume of daylight. Most of the time, there is no need to illuminate it at all. There was also a big difficulty in using appropriate control systems due to heavy traffic full of metal obstacles which makes signal transmission very difficult. This is the problem which is amplified in the case of moving vehicles.

The most pressing problems before the Savee solution

ten-year-old fluorescent tubes

necessity to turn on the full set of lights even when natural light is sufficient

constant need of replacing old lamps due to high failure rate

impossible to regulate the light

A path to savings

The old fluorescent tubes were replaced by modern LED lights, to which we connected the Savee smart boxes. No need to lay kilometers of new cables, the installation was made directly into existing circuits.

A wired solution would be extremely expensive and the ROI would be out of sight.

The Savee team also dealt with a problem consisting of high concentration of metal in the vehicles – which makes transmission hard.

Luxmeters monitor the intensity of lighting and make lighting adaptable to the amount of a daylight. We also met light level requirements for the public car park while saving energy costs.

456 cars
solution for a car park
65 elements
enabling dimming of DALI lamps
in 10% steps
Další realizace
189 retail stores, 110 117 m2
42.752 €
Galerie Vaňkovka
parking capacity 456 spaces
400 smart lamps
CTPark Ponávka
120 000m2 logistical park
managed the entire campus
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