Safety comes first

No data in cloud

The entire Savee solution is installed on your own physical or virtual server located on your internal network. No data is on cloud and you always have control over it. This prevents external attacks or data theft. Secure remote access is possible using a VPN connection.

Private cloud option

If the customer is interested in running the lighting control system in the cloud, a private cloud can be set up for this purpose. The cloud can run in a geographically different location than the actual installation.

Own server

As part of the complete Savee solution, you get your own physical HW, which works as a server for the software part of the solution. The server is located right on your premises, so there is no need to share data on cloud.

Encrypted communication

The communication protocol includes encryption according to the AES-128 standard. As a result, the transmitted data cannot be intercepted. Lighting control with Savee is therefore highly secure and there is no risk of outside interference.

Hacker resistant

The combination of encrypted communication with a private local network on its own server guarantees high resistance against hacker attacks from the outside and inside.

BMS integration
building management from one place
Web app
available for commonly used OS (Android, PC, iOS & MacOS)
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