In the first year of operation with the Savee system, the Brno shopping center saved CZK 1,026,720.
Olympia Brno
Savee solution for the entire building

Basic to smart

A robust lighting system that, after 20 years of operation, needed to be converted into a more sophisticated and economical solution. Obsolete lamps with a huge consumption (400 W) and an already outlived service life began to bother the owner of the building so much that he urgently started looking for a way to solve this problem. Rising maintenance costs at a time when savings are being sought on even the smallest items has accelerated the decision.

The most pressing problems before the Savee solution

impossible to control lighting throughout the day

cooperation between security and maintenance staff needed – when switching lights off

dependence on the subjective assessment of employees: is it too dark or too bright?

the need for compatibility with the existing facility system – BMS Scada

A path to savings

After a technical analysis, we chose a complete transition to LED lights. In order to preserve the character of the premises, the so-called High Bay LED lights with a chrome shade with a power from 100 to 240 W were chosen.

We integrated the Savee solution into the entire system, which added the necessary intelligence to the new LED lights. We also installed Savee Smart Boxes directly to the individual lights, which did not require extensive renovations and wiring replacements which is the main unique feature of the Savee solution.

There was no need to expand the existing system by controlling PLC units or even to purchase new switchboards. All of the control takes place directly in the electrical installation of individual lights.

Luxmeters were added around the perimeter, which detect the level of illumination of the premises day and night, and the Savee solution adjusts the lighting intensity accordingly. The wireless solution made the entire investment significantly cheaper.

The shopping center achieved huge savings, as well as the ability to automatically control the lighting in the passages centrally, without the need to change the original BMS system according to schedules and data from luxmeters.

The implementation was carried out by our partner, the company Compactive s.r.o. which supplied lights and the Savee solution, including installation for the customer.

up to 22 %
savings during night-time operation, approx 3 hours of inefficient lighting each day
460 lamps
with longer lifespan thanks to total saving of 4-5 hours
11 months
is the return of investment. Savee solution saved €42,684 in this case
Další realizace
189 retail stores, 110 117 m2
42.752 €
Galerie Vaňkovka
parking capacity 456 spaces
400 smart lamps
CTPark Ponávka
120 000m2 logistical park
managed the entire campus
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