Zruč nad Sázavou saves up to 50% on night lighting
Zruč nad Sázavou
Central control of public lighting
1203 smart lamps & 4 switchboards

Complex lighting control for the entire municipality

The mayor and his colleagues from the municipality decided for a comprehensive renewal of public lighting over a simple but dangerous solution – switching off / limiting the lighting “hard”. In exchange, he got modern dimmable LED luminaires and a smart system that helps to optimise the lighting.

The most pressing problems before implementation

Non-existent central lighting control

Unreliable switching on and off of lighting according to astronomical switching clocks

Time-consuming implementation of lighting control changes in individual switchboards

The road to savings

The Savee solution can save up to 50% of the total night-time lighting in Zruč nad Sázavou, while maintaining the flexibility of changes. The municipality is thus able to easily change plans if necessary. By using timetables and dimming the lighting according to the data from the installed luxmeters, the lighting conditions on the streets are constantly updated and adapted to the needs of the inhabitants and safety, with maximum emphasis on not wasting municipal resources.

Compared to an ordinary astronomical clock and a twilight sensor, the need to constantly, inaccurately and manually adjust the time and intensity of lighting is eliminated. The Savee solution can cope with the changes in daylight saving time on its own, which saves maintenance costs and saves the need to go round all the switchboards in the village to attend to more important needs of the residents and the village.

Total of 1203 controlled lights

Project split into 3 phases

1203 lamps
transformed from ordinary to smart
4 switchboards
that switch an additional 200 lights
50 % savings
of total night-time lighting
Further realizations
Village Zruč nad Sázavou
4 500 inhibitants
1203 smart lamps
Large shopping centre
189 retail stores, 110 117 m2
Savings 42 752 € / year
Rooftop parking
parking capacity 456 spaces
400 smart lamps
Logistics park
Area of 120 000m2
Outdoor lights
Industrial hall
Over 3500 m2
ROI within 4 years
Global leader in logistics and manufacturing
6 000 m2
Village Kněžice
4 km apart parts of the village
A network of wholesale stores
80 000 m2
Children's park for children and family
4 000m2
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    The Savee solution consists of a system of smart boxes that enable remote lighting control using automations and time schedules, in steps and depending on lighting conditions and data obtained from lux meters, it can dim in steps and is also ready to control other devices.
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