How can Savee be financed?
Investment in company assets (CAPEX)
On a subscription, i.e. rental, basis (OPEX)

Savee as an investment (CAPEX)

Standard method in the form of purchasing the complete solution – making an investment (combination of electrical material, LED lighting, HW, SW, and services). You become the owner of the solution and it is integrated into your building or area (minor tangible fixed asset). Standard warranty according to the applicable legislation of the state, extended warranty by agreement on request. Service activities during the warranty/post-warranty period are handled by a separate service contract.

Savee as a service (OPEX)

If, for some reason, you prefer to create savings, manage lighting, or install new lighting by making regular monthly, quarterly or annual payments, there is an option to acquire and contractually provide for the supply of solutions (software, hardware, electronics, and related work) in the form of a subscription service (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS).

Everything will be provided by Savee installation partner. With them you will agree on the minimum length of contract, warranties, the scope of the service (SLA), and any other required details.

compatibility with all lighting manufacturers
up to 34%
of electricity savings
no downtime
installation overnight without any downtime
Write to us directly and we can discuss your needs individually.

    Using simple but sophisticated principles, we can also make your building smart
    Installation into already existing cabling
    We have developed a wireless retrofit solution without the need for expensive and lengthy reconstruction work.
    Energy savings up to 34%
    Return on investment after just 24 months
    Savee chytré prvky
    With the help of smart elements that we make ourselves, we can "smarten up" almost anything
    The Savee solution consists of a system of smart boxes that enable remote lighting control using automations and time schedules, in steps and depending on lighting conditions and data obtained from lux meters, it can dim in steps and is also ready to control other devices.
    Web app
    Secure network
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    189 retail stores, 110 117 m2
    42.752 €
    Galerie Vaňkovka
    parking capacity 456 spaces
    400 smart lamps
    CTPark Ponávka
    120 000m2 logistical park
    managed the entire campus
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