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Transition to LED and lighting savings

Most companies considering energy savings choose the easiest path. Most often this means transitioning to led lighting. I.e. replacing classical bulbs with LED bulbs. For many of them, this solution is the first and the last step at the same time.

At the moment of changing the light sources (usually sodium lamps, fluorescent tubes, etc.), another opportunity to save on power arises. How?

We can control lights according to::
– daytime (evening/night/day)
– workload
– shifts
– shifts
– natural light intensity (luxmeters), and more.

For buildings using natural daylight through windows or skylights, it is a good idea to opt for the smart control of the lighting. Like using our Savee solution. Saving is not just about replacing bulbs. Looking at the issue of saving on lighting in a broader context, we realize that the next step of savings is to control the lighting. In this way we save several times — we achieve power savings and increase the lifetime of light sources at the same time. By increasing the lifetime of light fixtures, we also save money on the maintenance of light fixtures.

We have all have definitely noticed that sometimes lights are on when it is not necessary. Our Savee solution provides you with control over when and where the lights are on. You eliminate those moments when someone forgets to turn off the lights or the natural daylight is sufficient enough that there is no need for your lights to be on unnecessarily and increase operating costs.

Have you decided to replace your old lighting fixtures with new ones, or have you already done so and want to increase your savings?

Looking for a solution that helps you save on energy and keep your lighting under control? We know how to design and install the replacement of lighting fixtures. In addition, we show you how to control your lights efficiently. Our Savee solution is definitely a step forward.

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