Redevelopment of the Olympia Centrum Brno shopping centre

Savee is a solution for the control and automation of lighting and beyond. An intuitive and simple software and hardware platform — a smart “box” and control software based on wireless communication. Switching on and off light circuits (as well as others), dynamic lighting changes for DALI technology lights, set up according to light intensity using calibrated luxmeters, using timetables or preset events, wirelessly, without operating restrictions, installed overnight, able to be configured easily and under control — that’s all Savee.

A decision was made to modernize the building of OC Olympia Centrum Brno, which is more than 20 years old, by replacing the old discharge lamps with modern LED lighting.

In relation to replacing the lighting equipment, the shopping centre turned to Compactive s.r.o dealing with high-current and low-current installations to devise an optimum solution for the shopping centre in order to reduce power consumption and minimize unnecessary lighting time. Within a few months they had replaced the discharge lamps with LEDs, which itself brought about significant power consumption savings.

Within the project, over 450 lighting fixtures were installed which can now be used to control the lighting intensity in steps of 10%.

However, the facility management realized that the lighting can be optimized even more to maximize the amount of savings while at same time also being sustainable. Due to their satisfaction with the cooperation, OC Olympia sought out Compactive again, who offered a smart solution for automated management — Savee.

The shopping centre management expected that the automated lighting control implementation would bring an increase in further savings, extend the life of light fixtures and modernize a building that had already been in operation for two decades. This all with a very low impact on the shopping centre’s operation. Due to this requirement, an extensive refurbishment work was ruled out and solutions friendly to the building and the tenants in the passageways were favoured, taking in account their sustainability in the form of savings and no need to dispose of old wires unnecessarily.

Thanks to the wireless communication between the elements of Savee, the solution exactly met the requirement to minimize construction adjustments. The complete control installation was about adding control elements to the existing wiring infrastructure. Control elements were wired in front of the individual light fixtures, and communication gateways sending data to a local server have been placed around the building. Therefore, everything was kept very simple and safe at the same time with no need for sending data to the cloud over the Internet. In spite of the high space congestion with various wireless signals (Wi-Fi networks, telephone signals, the remote lock controls of cars of hundreds of customers, etc.), the network works reliably and without interruptions because it communicates on a different Wi-Fi principle (free 868 MHz band).

Within the project, over 450 lighting fixtures were installed which can now be used to control the lighting intensity in steps of 10%.

The lighting fixtures are divided into 25 controlled groups for highly flexible control. In addition, individual lighting fixtures can sometimes be moved between individual groups. A lighting fixture may be a part of multiple groups at the same time. The control may take place autonomously with the lighting control according to data from the luxmeters (ambient lighting sensors) or using time schedules. The benefits of luxmeters include the fact that the control responds to an actual lighting need in case of bad weather or fluctuations between individual seasons of the year and a consistent intensity of shopping space lighting is always achieved.

Thanks to the wireless elements, no extensive redevelopment interventions had to be done and it was not necessary to close down the operation. The installation had no impact on individual tenants of the shopping centre. Furthermore, the solution has been customized to the needs of the OC Olympia Brno Technical Manager, for whom it has made his work easier and saved both time and considerable expenses. We managed to maintain the maximum in-house security, which had been emphasized by the customer from the beginning, and savings were demonstrated immediately.

Now the shopping centre facility managers have the entire building under control at all times. No further installation of facility administration software has been necessary. Outlets from the lighting control are connected to third-party systems (SCADA in this case). A next step might be the very simple extension of the Savee system to the large outdoor parking lots, illuminated advertising banners, children playgrounds, etc., and other places, as the case may be, with a potential high power consumption and potential operating savings.

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