Redevelopment of Compactive s.r.o. offices

The 2 most important premises of a smart retrofit solution directly from a customer:

Neither to close down nor to limit a common shopping centre operation due to the required lighting refurbishment. This refurbishment was really necessary, as 15 years had already passed from the centre’s construction.

The maximum in-house security of the smart power management of building lighting and immediate demonstrable operational savings.

Our submission regarding the development of the full retrofit commercial solution to upgrade and automate the existing building with simple management and energy savings was based on the practical requirements of our most experienced partners, i.e. facility managers and technical managers of shopping centres, office buildings and industrial companies.

These people will take over the building for the daily operational mangement as soon as it is already designed and built. For various reasons, sometimes for investment reasons or, for example, due to the fact that the requirement in the use of the building has changed and no automation or some kind of intelligence has been used immediately in the plan.

Lots of our customers have been operating buildings that have been in use for 5, 10 or more years and it is very difficult to retrofit an existing building without closing down and moving out.

Closing down a building would cost a lot of money, both for the technical refurbishment and in particular to regain tenants or reputation over brand-new buildings that already incorporate smart control features.

The Savee ENERGY retrofit commercial solution has allowed us to equip existing buildings with state-of-the-art electrical features such as the safest wireless switching and lighting control on the basis of light sensors, i.e. luxmeters, time schedules and the ability to control groups of lights. Then, there is the option of switching on and off of almost any circuit of electrical appliances, local air conditioning units, ventilation using temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors and the control of shading technology.

Even the appliances control itself already provides you with both control over the appliances and (in the first place) savings in the form of eliminating the consequences of people forgetting to turn off the lights, air conditioning not turned off by mistake, or eliminating unnecessary stand-by modes of tens or hundreds of appliances in companies. The lighting intensity control itself generates energy savings, but also extends the lifetime of the lighting fixtures.

Now the shopping centre facility managers have the entire building under control at all times. No further installation of facility administration software has been necessary. Outlets from the lighting control are connected to third-party systems (SCADA in this case). A next step might be the very simple extension of the Savee system to the large outdoor parking lots, illuminated advertising banners, children playgrounds, etc., and other places, as the case may be, with a potential high power consumption and potential operating savings.

The main benefits for any customer: no need to dismantle or redevelop the wiring, even in the case of a newly-built lighting control using the DALI interface with the possibility to control the lighting intensity.

We can say that the process of installing the whole Savee ENERGY solution can be done “overnight” or under operation. Disconnecting the wiring of individual lights and circuits and connecting wirelessly controlled element boxes, luxmeters and the subsequent installation of a wireless IoT communication gateway for the remote element control, starting the operation of a secure internal webserver for configuration and user control.

Adapting and adjusting the configurations by our own people is not only a desirable feature, but actually a necessity given the constantly and rapidly changing needs of commercial premises tenants and users. And of course changing the group configurations or achieved lighting intensity.

This is the safest retrofit commercial electrical wiring upgrade solution for existing buildings with smart automation features and the efficient management of operational savings.

A simple installation process by means of connecting to the original wiring without the need to replace the lighting wiring, with the use of additionally connected necessary elements like Savee Power Switch & Savee DALI Bridge. The light control using the DALI protocol allows for the digital control of the lighting intensity, feedback on the status of individual lighting fixtures and easy configuration adjustment with changes to the way rooms and premises are used.

Thus the lighting system created can be controlled easily through the wireless network on the IoT IQRF standard using the Savee ICUBE Gateway connected to LAN. Planning time schedules and lighting groups is done in the Savee intuitive web browser-based server application, being the most secure in-house lighting control option without the need to use the cloud; the remote connection and configuration can be done using a secure encrypted VPN.

The user performs the control over the lights and their groups via retrofitted wireless buttons or using an internal phone, tablet or internal website application.

Automated dimming and turning on processes are performed by means of wireless luxmeters on the basis of the ambient lighting intensity.

Savee ENERGY helps you transform an existing commercial building into a building with smart and automated wiring with no need to replace the wiring; this is a quick transformation into a smarter building with a high level of security and an enormous added value.

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