Lighting control in the BMW Cartec Brno car repair service

CTP Invest development built and still operates the Ponávka Brno industrial park; it has been upgrading the park continuously with a vision of providing tenants with energy savings and sustainable building operation. CarTec Group a.s. also saves our planet. It operates four BMW authorized dealership branches, a MINI branch in Ostrava, BMW Motorrad in Ostrava, a Rolls-Royce Praha branch and the BMW and MINI repair shops in Brno. It is the largest group selling BMW, MINI, Motorrad motorcycles and Rolls-Royce cars in the Czech Republic. Together, they have decided to use Savee as the quickest solution regarding the lighting control installation, all under operation with no shutdowns for the BMW and MINI repair shops. The branch in Brno needed to have an overview of the lighting condition and optimize the operating costs; therefore our engineer visited the site and, in cooperation with the branch, created an optimal solution with regard to the current situation and the customer’s ideas. Even the existing LED lighting was not an obstacle, as it was even possible to improve its efficiency.

Following the fine-tuning of the design according to the exact requirements of CarTec representatives, we installed the Savee solution in the management offices, reception, customer areas, service hall and warehousing premises. Ultimately, over 50 Savee Power Switches have been installed, which switch on individual lights or groups of lights, and three Savee Luxmeters, which monitor the actual lighting levels in the hall and control the lights accordingly.

There are three touchscreens at the branch located at the reception desk, at the staff service entrance and on the top floor of the building for the manual control of lights, so that they are always at hand when required. The system relies on Savee Industrial Push Buttons in the service hall. They appear to be the perfect choice for the challenging conditions present in the service and storage hall.

Two Savee ICUBE Gateways control all Savee elements whereas the third one serves as their backup, so the customer can rely on a faultless operation that will not compromise the work under any circumstances. The Savee system is implemented overnight so that the operation does not stop even during the installation. In addition, our engineers also calibrated the luxmeters at night so that the measured values precisely match reality without any deviations.

The transition of the existing LED lighting to the new smart control was successfully completed within a few days without any disruptions to the branch operations and with no need for any structural modifications. The Savee solution works to the full satisfaction of the branch management, who particularly appreciate the lighting costs reduction and the easy monitoring of all lighting. On the other hand, employees appreciate the ease of operation and the ability to switch off all the lights from one place. This eliminates the former daily ritual, which required walking around the building and checking the lights. An option to create groups of lights has allowed for the creation of a group of all lights that can be switched off at the touch of a single button when leaving. For cases when you forget to turn off the lights when you leave, schedules and event setting is available so that the lights are not on all night or weekend.

One group has been assigned the ECO mode designation — in the default setting, only some lights are on and it is controlled autonomously by luxmeters that will turn on the remaining lights in the event of low light levels. All this for the sake of the maximum comfort of building occupants.

CarTec Brno customers are satisfied thanks to the individual approach to their needs and the fine-tuning of the solution according to the actual operation requirements, as well as for to the back-up control that guarantees the trouble-free operation of the BMW and MINI service point in Brno.

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