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Lighting control for: municipalities and cities, sport grounds, industrial areas, parking lots, parks

Savee Outdoor

An outdoor version of Savee lighting control system, developed and adapted for demanding conditions.

The Savee solution is used independently from the type and manufacturer of your lighting and delivers a comprehensive use to the for the operator in the form of time schedules, group control or depending on natural light. Savee Outdoor is intended for harsh environments, withstand temperatures between -40 °C and +65 °C and IP66 protection are required.

The central Savee application is adapted to a specific installation in the form of its own, logical and necessary attenuation time plans and visual distribution according to maps of municipalities, areas, or in the form of virtual buttons, including control from a mobile phone or computer.

Saves electricity
Extending lighting life
No need for constructional
Control lighting
Smart City ready

The outdoor variant adds to all Savee elements

  • protection IP66
  • operating temperature range: -40 °C to +65 °C

For public lighting control purposes, active elements (DALI Bridge) can be connected to the light in a Zhaga or NEMA socket. Please contact us for this option.

Power Switch – Outdoor
can be easily used to turn any appliance on or off, as well as be used for other uses such as irrigation, fountains and more.

Luxmeter – Outdoor
servers to automate light control depending on the level of ambient light. It has an adjustable value of time delay to eliminate short-term fluctuations in light intensity (e.g. shadows thrown by the movement of clouds) and adjustable light intensity thresholds.

DALI Bridge – Outdoor
transmits wireless communication to the DALI protocol which is a world standard for lighting control and controls the intensity of lighting in steps of 10% (0–100%).

ICUBE Gateway – Outdoor
takes care of communication between the server and endpoints of the Savee solution.

Savee HW Server + SW
is a secure local server on the internal LAN network, ie. no data is sent to the cloud on the Internet. The web application can be launched on any computer, tablet or phone with a web browser.

You can download more detailed information in the PDF by providing your e-mail. At the same time, you provide your consent for us to contact you.

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